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The Lesser Spotted Eagle is, besides the White-tailed Eagle and Osprey, the third native eagle species in northern Germany. It is slightly bigger than a buzzard and mainly brown colored at first glance. However, anyone who fortunate to observe a spotted eagle, quickly realizes that it also has light brown and white patches. With its yellow legs, gray, brown and yellow colored beak and yellow-orange eyes a spotted eagle appears almost colorful.

The german name means "Screaming Eagle"

Der Name ist Programm

During breeding season Spotted Eagles are doing their melodious "choowk" call. The males express a high pitched, long-drawn whistle like sound ("wiiiik") while displaying their artistic courtship flights.

Look into my eyes

Schau mir in die Augen

The color of the iris is often disputed among experts. While some assume that in old age amber spots arise in the bright orange yellow iris of the adult birds, other experts point out that this phenomenon can also occur in younger birds. Juvenile birds always have a dark gray-brown to brown iris.

Wings as a board

The broad construction of their wings enables LSEs to exploit the lightest upward rising air currents, called thermals, for effortless gliding. But this form also makes spotted eagle prone to stronger winds, such as those that prevail over the sea. For this reason, spotted eagle must fly around the Mediterranean on their migration.

On long legs on the hunt

Auf langen Beinen auf die Jagd

The legs of the spotted eagle are also a speciality. In relation to body size, their legs are longer than other European raptors. This is an excellent adaptation to the ground hunting for the Eagles to cover long distances on foot.

The wingspan and silhouette of the Lesser Spotted Eagle in comparison.


Spotted Eagle in numbers

about 1500-2500 g

145-168 cm

Body length:
55-65 cm

max. established 26 years

Migration route / year:
18,000-22,000 km
Migration speed:
40-60 km / h
∅ 150 km / day

Max migration route / day: > 500 km

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