life Schreiadler: Experience Lesser Spotted Eagles

Satellite tracking during migration

When summer has passed on the northern hemisphere, spotted eagles start to a long trip (10 000 km) to the southern hemisphere to spend the summer there.

To witness the amazing flight performance during the annual autumn and spring migration, we recommend a visit to the websites of, satellite-telemetry, and the organization "Milvus". Migration movements of Lesser Spotted Eagles and other large birds can be tracked on an interactive map to Africa and back.

Nesting cameras during breeding time

Through the joint efforts of spotted eagle conservationists it is possible to witness the hatching events of Lesser Spotted Eagles over the Internet. On the website of Looduskalender from Estonia, two webcams with high resolution pictures and sound are available (Kamera 1, Kamera 2). The Lesser Spotted Eagle TV (Schreiadler-TV )of the German Wildlife Foundation can also be followed. There you can watch the breeding season from hatching until leaving the nest.

Follow and support protection activities

Several conservation organizations, associations and foundations are especially focused on the protection of Lesser spotted eagles. The internet activities can be tracked and supported.

The  German Wildlife Foundation (Deutsche Wildtierstiftung) is engaged in Germany for the spotted eagle protection. On their website there is lots of useful information about spotted eagles and other endangered species.

The Nature And Biodiversity Conservation Union of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania (Naturschutzbund Mecklenburg-Vorpommern) has dedicated a whole website for its spotted eagle activities. It reports of the hatching events and conservation activities.
In Romania, an EU Life project for the Lesser Spotted Eagle is also in action. The website of the project is predominantly Romanian, but also partly written in English. There are numerous photos of actions, a great movie and even a spotted eagle comic to admire.

Web pages

Migration Map 1
Migration Map 2
Eagle TV
German Wildlife Foundation
Spotted Eagle Romania
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