life Schreiadler: Water in the landscape

Water balance in the landscape

The water balance of an area compares the precipitation with surface runoff and evaporation. In lakes, bogs and the Underground, water can be stored differently long.

Brandenburg is nationwide one of the driest states in Germany with an average precipitation height of 558 mm. Current climate calculations predict an increase in the mean temperature at a constant approximately annual precipitation for Brandenburg. This climate change will be reflected in the water balance by increasing evaporation and decreasing runoff. Although Decades of drainage of fields, forests, bogs and even potholes ensures a rapid percolation of rainfall, but also reduces groundwater recharge. Dried bogs can no more store water and the buffer effect (protection against drought and flood) is no longer guaranteed.

The planned project measures to improve the water balance, such as the deconstruction of drainage systems and Wetland restoration, not only serve to protect individual species, but also ourselves with our demands for clean drinking water and adequate water supply of our food crops and livestock.




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