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If land is acquired within the project the land will be managed after LIFE by the 4 project partners (accociated beneficiaries). This is usefull and necessary for the implementation of project measures and to achieve longterm and sustainable conservation. The project partners are already partly land owners in the project areas and have been involved in the management of these areas.



Michael Succow Foundation

The Michael Succow Foundation for the Protection of Nature is a non-commercial incorporated foundation under the Civil Code of Germany. It is situated in Greifswald. The foundation was established in 1999 by Prof. Dr. Michael Succow based on his prize money of the Right Livelyhood Award. The foundation is engaged in the development and encouregement of world heritages, national parks and biosphere reserves and the protection of  peatlands. The foundation operates on the national and international level.

NABU Foundation national natural heritage

The NABU-Stiftung Nationales Naturerbe is an independent foundation under civil code situated in Berlin. The foundation was established by the Naturschutzbund Deutschlands e.V. (NABU) in 1998. It is committed to promoting conservation and landscape management, and to maintaining, creating and improving natural resources  rich in plant and animal species in Germany. Moreover, it supports species protection measures of endangered animal and plant species.

Naturschutzfonds Brandenburg

The Stiftung NaturSchutzFonds Brandenburg promotes measures of landscape management and development  in Brandenburg and was a co-operation partner of several LIFE projects before. It manages land property in Brandenburg with respect to nature conservation. Moreover, it is the umbralla organization of the Naturwacht (organization of rangers in Brandenburg). Headquarters of the foundation are  Potsdam.


The WWF Deutschland is a national organisation of the World Wide Fund for Nature. It is one of the largest conservation organisations worldwide. In Germany the non-commercial foundation has been involved in habitat and species protection for 50 years to secure the biodiversity for future generations. Main tasks are projects and landscape management in nature reserves.

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