life Schreiadler: grassland

In Central Europe, grassland management has been part of the landscape for centuries. For prey species such as spotted eagle, buzzard, red and black kite, but also for the Harrier extensively used grassland is an optimal foraging habitat because the soil in the grassland management hardly needs to be edited. That keeps the small mammals, such as voles and moles, in the landscape and offers a constant food source for birds of prey.  In comparison with cereals and especially maize the reduced plant height of grassland is much better to hunt for birds of prey, especially in the first phase of the breeding season (April to June).

An alternative is the perennial, cultivation of clover grass, field grass and legumes that is common in organic farming. The rarer breaks conserve the soil and the prey. The early mowing in May / June creates appropriate hunting grounds for raptors - a scarce resource in this season.

Hedges, kettle holes and small trees provide birds of prey protection and resting places and a richer food supply.




Staffelweise Mahd verlängert die Zeit, in der Schreiadler besonders leicht an ihre Beute kommen.
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