life Schreiadler: Well-structured forests

Well-structured forests

In Germany, the nests of eagles and other large birds are protected by law. When birds such as sea eagles and ospreys use the same nest several times over decades, this protection is particularly effective. The protection of spotted eagle Nests, is much more difficult. After the late return of the spotted eagle from the African wintering grounds their former nests are often occupied by buzzards, kites or hawks. In this case they need to find other nests, without removing too far from familiar hunting areas. These conditions they will find predominantly in near-natural and carefully managed forests.

The EU -Life project, wants to establish forest conservation areas through consultation with forest companies and forest owners. These ensure, in a range of 30-60 ha, that sufficient nesting sites are maintained. Through the promotion of a dense tree population and age class range, the value of the forest will increase for spotted eagles and forest owners. Through engineering measures, we want to increase the structural diversity in the breeding territories and improve the availability of food, also for other species such as the black stork.



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