life Schreiadler: Development goals

Development Goals

Orchideenreiches Kleinseggenried (Foto: Michael Succow)
sedge plain (photo: Michael Succow)

In Sernitzmoor we distinguish between the unused spring mires and the used peatlands east of Greiffenberg.

In the approximately 250 acres unused spring mire we want to scale down the trenches. Because of the slope no open water will incur. The water will flow through and trickle over the spring mire surface. Our targets are sedge plains (picture) with stable water levels throughout the year that will conserve the peat.

The 500 -acre spring mire complex east of Greiffenberg is cultivated by several farmers. They are our first and most important contacts with whom we want to coordinate a fen mire -sustaining water management and possibly use alternative forms of biomass production. In addition to the production of hay and silage this industry is gaining importance. Fen mire conservation and agriculture could be combined on wet sites.




naturnahes Seggenmoor
natürlicherweise offenes Seggenmoor
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