life Schreiadler: Condition

A spring mire complex without water

After numerous attempts of spring mire drainage, the utilization was abandoned about 30 years ago in many areas. The use of many meadows, such as the "Langen Bruch", the "Taterbring", the "Bullenwiese", the "Hauskavelwiesen" and "Schlosskavelwiesen" was no longer possible due to the difficult conditions. Mowing, drying, pressing and advertising of hay bales are hard to operate mechanically and economically feasible with today's larger equipment.

The large gap in the Sernitzmoor of up to 8 m from the edge of the valley to Sernitz causes strong drainage and peat decomposition. Species-poor high reed beds, nettles and elder bushes are evidence of massive nutrient release.

The important functions of the peatlands for the stabilization of the ground water level, drainage and flood control delay, filtering and nutrient retention are disturbed in Sernitzmoor. The habitat changed in the way that many plant and animal species of the once open Sernitzmoor are already gone.



A sightseeing flight along the Sernitzmoor

Das Quellmoor der Sernitz.
Blick auf den Hohen Werder.
Blick über die Bahnhofstraße Richtung Wilmersdorf.
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