life Schreiadler: FFH

Flora - Fauna - Habitat


The so called Habitat Directive is the Directive 92/43/EWG,

Under Flora (plants), Fauna (animals) and Habitat you can immediately imagine what it is.

231 habitat types and more than 1,000 animal and plant species are listed in the Annexes of the FFH-Directive. There are very strict rules in the FFH-areas for interventions in landscapes. The EU member states are obliged to report on the state of the FFH-areas at regular intervals.

The Habitats Directive habitat types include for example Woodruff-beech forests, fens or alkaline fens. FFH species are for example Beaver, otter, fire-bellied toad and tree frog, Large Copper or sickle moss. Many of the species listed are known as "umbrella" species. They are representative of an entire species community. Protection of these species and their habitats also saves many other very rare animal and plant species.


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