life Schreiadler: Das Aquatic warbler conservation handbook


The Aquatic Warbler Conservation Handbook

During the symposium of the Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team in Brodowin in April 2018 the Handbook for preserving the Aquatic Warbler could finally be presented and published. 48 international authors contributed their knowledge and hard work to accomplish this milestone with a lot of information about protecting the species and its habitats, the mesotrophic fens, but also about protecting a bird in general. Our project was able to finance the editing, design and print and therefore made the publication possible. Other important key actors were the Aquatic Warbler Conservation Team, the Greifswalder Moorzentrum and the Förderverein Naturschutz im Peenetal e.V. to guarantee a release just in time for the symposium. In the chapter “Habitat restoration” one can find an infobox filled with our experiences in restoring mesotrophic fen vegetation by removing top soil and reintroducing vegetation in the Sernitz peatland.
You can download the book here.

Life Lesser Spotted Eagle is

an european nature conservation project aiming at reestablishing habitats of the 3 endangered bird species Lesser Spotted Eagle, Corn Crake and Aquatic Warbler.

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