life Schreiadler: Bauanlauf im Sernitz-Moor


Starting actions in the Sernitz peatland

After the planning approval being accepted in August, the renaturation of the Sernitz spring fen can finally take place! So now, a few months before the ending of our EU Life Project, exciting measurements will proceed between Greiffenberg Bahnhofsstraße and the railways connecting Berlin and Stralsund. This week, the first actions will be realized and probably last until February. Passersby and citizens will notice the mowing and top soil removal. The aim is to raise the Sernitz water level and therefore avoid the drainage of adjoining peatland. We are excited to see the changes happening this winter and invite you to follow along on our homepage where we will post updates and pictures of the building site.

Life Lesser Spotted Eagle is

an european nature conservation project aiming at reestablishing habitats of the 3 endangered bird species Lesser Spotted Eagle, Corn Crake and Aquatic Warbler.

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