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  • The Sernitz valley near Greiffenberg

    is the largest spring fen complex in Brandenburg.
  • broad-leaved marsh-orchid - Dactylorhiza majalis

    Sedge marshlands - all-rounder of the landscape

    We focus on the reestablishement of sedge marshlands. » read more
  • What is happening at the spring fen?

    Observing renaturation actions in the Sernitz peatland through eagle's eyes» read more
  • out the nest, after eight long weeks

    flying free since August, but still begging for food
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    The EU-Life project Lesser Spotted Eagle Schorfheide-Chorin

    The project team in Angermünde consists of 3 staff members.

Project Title

Improvement of the breeding and feeding habitats for the Lesser Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina) as well as for the Corn Crake (Crex crex) and the Aquatic Warbler(Acrocephalus paludicola) in the SPA “Schorfheide-Chorin"


The project is designed to help stopping the negative trend in the population of Lesser Spotted Eagles and Corn Crakes in Germany and to make a contribution to the recovery of the critically endangered Aquatic Warbler population in Germany. Further endangered bird species will profit from the planned measures, such as Black and White Storks, Common Snipes and Spotted Crakes.

The measures in the project are aimed above all at the improvement and safeguarding the habitats of these species, whereby the focus is on the acutely endangered Lesser Spotted Eagle as a species with highly complex requirements for its habitat.  The trend in the population has shown a constant decline in Brandenburg and Mecklenburg due to the progressive loss of grasslands, the drainage of wetland areas and the intensification of forestry. 9 territories are known within the project area. 5 of them have been orphaned within the last decade, but might be resettled in the next future. The same trend has occurred with the Corn Crake and to an even greater degree with the Aquatic Warbler. Both species are missing large, continuous, richly structured grassland and open areas of sedge marshland.


19. November 2018

Starting actions in the Sernitz peatland

After the planning approval being accepted in August, the renaturation of the Sernitz spring fen can finally take place! So now, a few months before the ending of our EU Life Project, more

18. October 2018

Symposium - Peatlands in Europe

From 18th to 19th Octobre a specialist conference concerning peatlands took place at the convention centre "Bildungs- und Tagungszentrum Brandenburgische Akademie Schloss Criewen". Experts from more

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What the project is about

An european conservation project with the goal to reestablish the habitats of the three endangered bird species Lesser Spotted Eagle, Corn Crake and Aquatic Warbler.

The Aquatic Warbler Conservation Handbook

 You can download the entire book here(60 MB).

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